Customer Testimonials:

American Frozen Storage

We invested over $70,000 in our surveillance only to find out the hard way that it didn’t work.

After 2 other local companies failed to configure our system to actually work, we finally contacted ClearSky from Omaha.

With a few simple instructions the tech remote connected into our network securely and within 30 minutes had our surveillance working beyond expectation.  These guys are master technicians and great communicators! They saved us a ton of headaches. I highly recommend.

We’re including ClearSky on our expansion plans of two more warehouses.

Thank you,
Tom | Owner

Maple Leaf and Lawn

We had a theft problem on our lawn equipment trailers.  ClearSky offered a 30 day test of a portable remote hosted covert camera attached to our equipment trailer.

The very next day our gas cans and edgers were stolen in the daylight while we were mowing at a job site. The camera system caught everything and we got our equipment returned.

Don’t ask me to explain how it works. It does and we are happy to pay monthly for the camera and service.

Thank you,

Consider me a customer. I am more than happy to offer a testimonial.

I was a harsh critic of the founders of ClearSky LLC for years until an event put us next to each other. I’ve had to eat some crow. These are really nice guys, smart, funny, professional, personable, fast and always positive.  I have seen them solve problems in minutes where my own staff would take hours.

Today, we use ClearSky to back us up on tough projects. I can trust them to solve problems and make us look good in front of our customers and not worry about losing a customer.