ClearSky LLC is an agile technology company based in Omaha, Nebraska. Our mission is to help our customers re-think their security, surveillance, and networks to meet the rapidly changing business climates. Security, Surveillance and Networks are evolving. We can help you keep up.

ClearSky supports and maintains legacy security/surveillance equipment where continuity is critical while bringing customers forward to the latest in technology. With strategic and development partnerships for emerging trends(drones), SCADA UI, and cyber-security, we keep our customers informed.

The ClearSky team is comprised of seasoned industry professionals and experts averaging over 20 years of Information Technology and physical security/surveillance from both private and public sector. Innovations include mobile, portable and fixed surveillance products and solutions as well as network monitoring and backbone tools for military, law enforcement, communities, K-12 schools, colleges, universities, utilities, heavy industry and emergency responders.

For the situations where one size DOESN’T fit all and Plug’n Play just isn’t enough, we provide a broad range of software, hardware and technical services for security, video surveillance, video analytics, data collection and interoperability.

We also work with integrators and service companies as sub-contracted Tier 1 support and staff augmentation. We are capable of international travel.

Give us a Call: (402) 509-4830